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Epson aspires to be an indispensable company, trusted throughout the world for our commitment to openness, customer satisfaction and sustainability. We respect individuality while promoting teamwork, and are committed to delivering unique value through innovative and creative solutions.
As Epson employees, we always strive to exceed our own vision, and to produce results that bring surprise and delight to our customers.

Công ty Cổ phần Công nghệ ATO chính thức đi vào hoạt động vào ngày 06/08/2007. Với tầm nhìn dài hạn và quan điểm phát triển bền vững, ATO đã tập trung đầu tư vào các lĩnh vực phần mềm quản lý và phân phối các thiết bị mã số mã vạch, thiết bị siêu thị. Bằng những nỗ lực không ngừng, ATO đã trở thành thương hiệu có thế mạnh lớn trên thị trường phần mềm - thiết bị mã số mã vạch tại Việt Nam với hàng loạt dự án, khách hàng lớn mang đặc thù quản lý dựa trên nền tảng công nghệ cao. ATO dẫn đầu xu thế ứng dụng giải pháp phần mềm quản lý thông minh, là đơn vị phân phối hàng đầu về ngành thiết bị mã số mã vạch.

At TSC Auto ID Technology Co., Ltd. (TSC) we specialize in the research and development, manufacture and marketing of barcode printers. Since its establishment in 1991, TSC has sold more than 4 million bar code printers to customers in the automatic identification system industry market globally.
Our commitment to product quality is recognized by our loyal customer base around the world and has solidified our reputation as a world class printer manufacturer. Whether it is desktop, industrial, mobile barcode printers, or its accessories and supplies. TSC products stand out for their user-friendly design, stable operation, and unmatched durability.

CipherLab is a world leader in AIDC solutions for a wide range of industries. CipherLab's expertise is at the convergence of scanning, mobile computing, and business process design. This results more efficient supply chains, field sales services, retail operation and reduced cost of doing business in almost every sector. Our skilled network of reliable partners delivers successful solutions to small, medium and enterprise businesses that chose CipherLab for value, performance and quality.

Datalogic is a global technology leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, specialized in the designing and production of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors for detection, measurement and safety, vision and laser marking systems.
Closeness and timely response to every customer requirements, together with continuous innovation and high quality offering, are the distinctive elements at the base of Datalogic success for over 40 years. Its cutting-edge solutions help to increase the efficiency and quality of processes in the Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics and Healthcare industries, along the entire value chain.

ZEBEX was founded in 1987; we are a Taiwanese company dedicated to the production of Auto-ID equipment, both scanners and terminals. We focus on providing high-quality products, maintaining customer satisfaction through support, and the use of our own innovative technology to offer superior performance. 
Thirty years after our establishment, ZEBEX products are now available across the world; we support distributors in every continent (apart from Antarctica). ZEBEX scanners and handheld computers are seen in nearly every industry.

Established in 1993, with its headquarters in Taipei Taiwan, GODEX International is an engineering company that specializes in designing and manufacturing barcode printing products that lead the industry in the value price, high performance category. GODEX has offices in the US, Europe and China and its products are distributed world-wide. 
GODEX has created its success and earned a loyal following of thousands of customers by providing very affordable products that are extremely well engineered and supported by a company and reseller Partner network that is 100% dedicated to long-term customer satisfaction.

Zebra empowers those on the front line in retail, healthcare, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and other industries to achieve a performance edge - an edge that translates to delighted customers, good patient outcomes and superior business results.
As the pioneer at the edge of the enterprise, our products, software, services, analytics and solutions are used to intelligently connect your people, assets and data. With decades of industry experience, we design with front-line users and workplaces in mind, giving you the best-action guidance needed to optimize in-motion operations and make business-critical decisions.

Our company invents and manufactures technologies that address some of the world’s most critical challenges around energy, safety, security, productivity and global urbanization. We are uniquely positioned to blend physical products with software to support connected systems that improve buildings, factories, utilities, and aircraft, and that enable a safer, more comfortable and more productive world. Our solutions enhance the quality of life of people around the globe and create new markets and even new industries.
Công ty TNHH ATP Việt Nam chuyên kinh doanh thiết bị, hoá chất, sinh phẩm và đồ tiêu hao phục vụ cho các lĩnh vực nghiên cứu và kiểm tra chất lượng trong các ngành sinh học, dược phẩm, thực phẩm, và kiểm soát môi trường. Với tiêu chí mang tới cho bạn những sản phẩm và dịch vụ mà bạn cần một cách chuyên nghiệp nhất, tốt nhất và phù hợp nhất.
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